IMPORTANT NOTICE: The location of our audio recordings of sermons and Bible studies has changed.  These are now available as podcasts.  If you already have a podcast app on your computer or phone, simply search for "CCC Pontypridd" and then subscribe.


- IF YOU DON'T HAVE iTUNES ON YOUR COMPUTER: Go to and click on the 'Download' button in the top right-hand corner to download and install iTunes free of charge.

- WHEN YOU HAVE iTUNES INSTALLED ON YOUR COMPUTER : Initial setup: Select 'Podcasts' and put "CCC Pontypridd" in the search box. Select "Bible Teaching from CCC Pontypridd" and subscribe to this series of podcasts.  All future recordings will then be automatically downloaded for you to listen to on your computer in iTunes.

- CUSTOMISE THE SETTINGS: iTunes provides an option to choose whether to limit the number of recordings to be saved, and whether you want files to be automatically deleted when you have listened to them.  You can find the options by clicking on the small cog-wheel icon in the top right-hand corner of the iTunes screen as in the image below:

- PROBLEMS? - If you are having difficulty accessing our podcast, please have a word with Margaret or contact us via the website.


There are no media files on the site yet.