Eternal Word Ministries

This organisation provides homes and education for orphaned children, and is involved in providing food, water and education for needy people in many areas of India.  It also supports local pastors in many parts of India and Nepal.


Coedpenmaen Community Church sponsors Pastor Bishankhu Santa Thapa Magar, who is working in his home village in Bagmati, Lalitpur District, Nepal.  Since becoming a Christian in 1993, Pastor Santa Thapa Magar has longed to see a church established in his own village.  Through the support of Eternal Word Ministries this became a reality in 2009.  Pastor Santa Thapa Magar says "Our vision is to reach our village with the message of Jesus Christ.  People are poor and most of them are Hindu, but God is doing great things!"


Pastor Bishankhu Santa Thapa Magar and his wife.

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